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Trust Services

We recognize that financial planning, investment management, and estate planning (all services offered through our Trust Department) are private issues that need to be handled by educated people you know and trust locally.  Our experienced Trust Administrators will work closely with your attorneys, accountants, and other advisors to create a financial team focused on working for you or your organization.  The personal touch provided by our staff is complimented by our top notch resources and technology to provide you with a peaceful state of mind in knowing that your lifetime wealth is in good hands.  Beyond periodic account statements, investment monitoring and face-to face meetings held at your convenience; you’ll find that our personal approach to service includes a level of open communication and support few institutions can match. 

Trust and Estate Administration Services – Trusts are created to handle many needs and are customized to carry out your wishes during your lifetime and afterward.  Whether through a revocable trust, charitable trust, marital or irrevocable trust we provide experienced and responsive administration to ensure that all legally required duties of a trustee or personal representative are handled while we protect and transfer your assets to the next generation pursuant to your wishes.

Investment Management Services - Using a full range of investments appropriate for your situation, we design personalized investment portfolios offering professional management, diversification, flexibility and tax planning.  From the original assessment of your situation and selection of a proper mix of investments to performing ongoing reviews and monitoring your portfolio, we practice appropriate risk management based on your investing style and market conditions.

Custodial Services – Offers a means to consolidate your investments into one convenient location, thus allowing you to efficiently handle your own investment decisions.  We take care of the burdens of collecting income, keeping records, and reporting tax information so you can focus on your investments.

Individual Retirement Planning Services – Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) were created to allow individuals a convenient means to prepare for their retirement.  Whether you have an existing IRA or Roth IRA or are looking for a place locally to move your 401(k) assets once you retire, our staff is available to assist you in setting up an IRA without incurring unnecessary taxes and penalties.  Once open, these accounts can utilize our Investment Management or Custodial Services depending on your preference.

Financial Planning Services – Working with our experienced advisors, we develop a “road map” that shows your current financial situation, identifies your financial goals, and suggests ways of achieving those goals.  Whether it’s assistance with a single objective (retirement, child’s education, or tax minimization) or a comprehensive overview, we provide this service to those clients that make use of one or more of the above services.